The miniature floats

Daniele Volpe   (Cat. B)

the failure and revenge

The float is inspired by the famous film "The Super Mario Bros," created by Nintendo and released in theaters in April 2023. The two main characters of the series, Mario and Luigi (two clumsy plumbers with a lot of determination and tenacity), set out to showcase their talent and dedication. They embark on a journey filled with failures, setbacks, and a series of misadventures. But in the end, when all seems lost, luck turns in their favor, and the two brothers are rewarded for the goodwill and tenacity that accompanied them from the beginning of the movie.
In our everyday life, we too are inundated with failures, setbacks, and criticisms of various kinds, starting from small academic, professional, athletic, or behavioral failures with family, partners, friends, or simple acquaintances.
However, this should not be a reason for discouragement or defeat; on the contrary, every mistake we make is a lesson that will one day guide us towards the goals each of us has set. What is seen as an obstacle today will, in the future, lead us to be proactive and victorious, appreciated, and recognized for our virtues and merits. And why not, become a role model to emulate.