The miniature floats

Salvatore Li Pira   (Cat. A)

trends the deception of the network

The float addresses, using the theme of social media, the issue of cultural flattening that has been emerging in recent years. The project idea originates from the song "La Rete" by Francesco Gabbani, which, in reference to the issue, states: "On a large scale, the main danger is flattening, and around us, we already see it: every few seconds, we move from one portal to another."
From these considerations, the concept of the float develops, taking shape and substance in the front part with a large boat featuring a web pirate who manages to capture young people from the sea. These individuals are captivated by smartphones and are oblivious to the danger, supported by a lifebuoy that makes them comfortable but no less vulnerable.
Unfortunately, today, it no longer matters to be oneself, but rather to be like others.