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The Carnival of Acireale, the Most Beautiful Carnival in Sicily, is one of the oldest recipes for good humor in our land. If you have a pinch of joy and the right predisposition to smile, join the crowd, and you will be protagonists in a theater of wonders: masks, confetti, lights, art, flowers, music, and above all, a lot of human warmth.

The beautiful streets and squares of the historic center of Acireale provide the ideal setting for a spectacle that reaches its peak with the parades of grotesque allegorical floats, through which the artisans of Acireale express their imagination and artistic skill!

Acireale Carnival between Mount Etna and the sea! Admire the majestic allegorical floats, immerse yourself in the joy of masked groups, enjoy evening shows, and savor the specialties of Sicilian cuisine. All amid the narrow streets of the baroque architecture in the enchanting 'Lemon Riviera' Don't miss the opportunity to live this unique experience!


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