The miniature floats

Alessio Battiato   (Cat. A)

the gardener of dreams

Each of us is a gardener of dreams, someone with the desire and will to make our dreams bloom! Just like a gardener tends to their plants, we strive to cultivate our dreams in the hope that the small seedling becomes a flourishing tree.
In this case, the tree is not adorned with leaves or fruits, but with letters engraved with the dreams we seek every day. Certainly, the journey can sometimes become winding, full of obstacles, and reaching our dreams may seem impossible—so impossible that, over time, we forget to keep watering them and abandon them to the dream-stealing monster.
My dream is family, symbolically represented and artistically modified through a famous painting: Klimt's "The Kiss." This kiss, as it unfolds, reveals a small child between the two figures.
I've shared my dream with you, and what do you dream of???