The isolated masks

Giuseppe Nicosia

as if it were a caress (OFF CONTEST)

Violence against women is an act of gender-based violence that causes physical, sexual, or psychological harm or suffering to women.
Violence can occur in various contexts, such as the family, acquaintances, work, and society, and it is also a manifestation of unequal power relations between genders that discriminate against and subordinate women to men.
Over 100 women have disappeared at the hands of violent men since the beginning of the year, and this work aims to urge the entire community never to lose sight of one of the most important issues of the new century... Acireale, too, mourned a woman years ago, murdered by her ex: Giordana!
Today is the day against violence against women, and for a moment, we want to step away from the main theme of this evening to reflect and allow ourselves a moment of silence to remember all the victims of femicide.