The isolated masks

Gianluca Drago

viva la vida!

Frida Kahlo, an emancipated and revolutionary woman who expressed the essence of her life through painting. A soul so strong that she managed to live, overcoming the tragic hostilities of fate.
Frida's existence seems to be a desperate battle against death, but above all, it is the life of a person capable of transforming pain into art, difficulties into a will to live.
Eight days before her death, the artist wrote on her last painting: "viva la vida" (live life). An ultimate homage to life, the inner strength of a woman who never gave up.
The artist teaches us how the courage to confront what makes us suffer can give us new possibilities never imagined before.
In the isolated mask titled "viva la vida," Frida is represented as if coming to life from one of her self-portraits. Her passion for nature and animals, prominently present in her works, is also reproduced. The vivid Mexican hues used by the painter are inevitable, as she filled her life with colors and, in fact, transformed pain into color.
Viva la vida is her legacy, the last message for herself and for those who still live: life, despite everything, deserves to be lived.
So... viva la vida!