The allegorical floats

Ass. Cult. Coco   (Cat. B)


In the last few years the entire humanity is becoming a spectator of scientific process and asignificant technological evolution.
The process of technology is defining the operation and new industrial structures.
An example, is definitely a project of the businessman Elom Musk, represented by work site Coco, on his intelligent machine, to symbolize his trip to the space, he is the richest man in the world, that through the construction of SPACEX, a company aerospace able to build space carriers, satellites and capsules, he wants to make Space more accessible. The project has the objective of transporting humanity on Mars and another destination just for a
turistic scope.
A new painful mystery is also the myth of Titanic. A submarine, with people on board, dedicated to tourism, disappeared in the North Atlantic during an immersion organized for
visiting the most famous wreck in the world, causing the death of the entire group.
Inventions as equal are the artificial intelligence, represented here by the robot, that now are able to simulate the abilities and human thought.
Disciplines, inventions and events that can only worry the whole humanity, considering all that treat the survival of the human being. All these innovations presume challenges always more difficult and complex to manage and overcome, at certain levels it becomes increasingly difficult and at same time, the cultural values of reference have significantly modified.
This forces humanity to deal with problems related to the change in social and interpersonal relationships, but most of all the deterioration of morals.
Humanity risks losing what makes it “simply human”, not being able to live without technology, and thus, using it way too much.
Albert Einstein, with his mathematical formula (E=mc2), essential for the development of the atomic bomb, he understood that scientific progress would’ve gone so far that thinking of the
worst he said:
“I fear the day technology will go over our humanity: the world will be populated by a generation of fools.”, or after the invention of the atomic bomb “I have no idea what weapons
will be needed to fight World War III, but the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones.”
The atomic bomb does exist, it has been used before and sooner or later will be used again, causing the destruction of everything. It will be then that humanity, represented by the big cave man, will return from his steps and will have to restart everything… From the beginning!