The allegorical floats

S.F. costruzioni s.r.l. di Cavallaro   (Cat. A)


Allowing time to mature to be aware that everything has a course and a progression. Reality changes with us, and when we look back, we realize all the time spent, between that which was used and that which was lost.
This is the theme that the artwork aims to represent.
In the foreground, attention is focused on two children with a large basket overflowing with candies, representing the abundance of time we have at our disposal. That time given to us at birth, when days are long and endless, an hour is a universe, an entire era filled with simple games.
Next, we find a sweet fantasy that would appeal to everyone. It is an important time machine representing the opportunity for humans to travel forward and backward, to change events, thus providing the chance to remedy those who limited themselves to dragging their existence instead of seizing opportunities, to those consumed by waiting for better days, and to those trying to stop time, deluding themselves into living an eternal youth.
Subsequently, we encounter an elderly man representing maturity, the moment when we realize that things pass and do not return, where everything is in motion, everything transforms, ages, and is lost in an unstoppable race towards the end of everything.
Finally, representing change, evolution, we have science. It moves forward by combining new discoveries and new goals and tells us that now is the time to act, the time to move, the time to savor those candies that remain in our basket, to improve, to change direction, and for someone to start a new life.
Now, imagine finding yourself in front of all these extraordinary works of art, and as you savor the pleasure of art, your mind frees itself, goes into ecstasy, into a mental standstill. The experience of beauty is transcendental and brings us closer to Nirvana, which in Hinduism is considered a perfect state of peace and happiness. This pure enjoyment of the spirit is allegorically represented in the artwork as the majestic Indian mythological goddess "Sarasvati": the goddess of knowledge and the arts, who vividly appears to us in human form and guides us on this path of love and respect for the beauty of artistic works. But not only that, she warns us of the looming flames.
Indeed, historical experience shows that art has always been a target during armed conflicts, and the consequences of these attacks have led to irreparable damage. The aggression against cultural heritage is a strategic move aimed at hitting what it represents for a nation: its uniqueness, its history, its legacy.
The need to safeguard the world's cultural heritage from the destructive effects of war is necessary.
With the wish for a future without any more wars, "buon carnevale a tutti, sicchi longhi e macari cutti"