The allegorical floats

Ass. Cult. Arte e Cultura di Cavallaro Paolo   (Cat. B)


The art and culture association of Cavallaro Paolo Giuseppe with his art work entitled "CHISSÀ SE STAI SOGNANDO” wants to allegorically deal with the various issues which trouble the world in spite of the progress of society, afflict the world: wickedness, physical,
psychological and verbal violence, pyromania, aggression, pedophilia, bullying, basically abuse of all kinds which still today continues to create uneasiness among individuals.
In the front part of the wagon we represent two windmills and a child, who apparently sleeps blissfully in his bed, but who in reality will never be able to sleep peaceful dreams as long as there is malice and wickedness in the world. Behind us we find two dragons, who, contrary to what we think, are benign figures, protectors of the innocent; a clock indicates that time passes quickly and therefore we must try to do something, so that a decisive improvement takes place to leave a better world for our children to the nine generations. In the central part, a scenography composed of four circles surrounds an arsonist, symbol of violence and all the evils of the world. On the back, a peacock sporting a beautiful fan, an object of fascination among humans, becomes a symbol of hope and optimism for the rebirth of a
better world to occur.
Even if in an allegorical way we want to raise awareness among young and old people to have respect for others, since actions, gestures, words, even if banal, can hurt people who have the right to be respected.
In order for there to be good functioning at a social level, one must commit to respecting fundamental values such as love, justice, friendship, loyalty and family.