The allegorical floats

Ass. Cult. Scalia-Fichera   (Cat. A)


The Scalia-Fichera Association, in the allegorical-grotesque work it will present in the upcoming 2023 Carnival edition, aims to draw attention to the "evolutionary process" portrayed in a fantastical manner, inspired by the television program "Ciao Darwin." The two hosts, Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti, assisted by Mother Nature, will take center stage in this production. In the front part of the float, an old gentleman represents "time," assigned by Mother Nature to undertake a challenging task: to travel back to the past and then return to the present, analyzing the evolutionary process and trying to understand if it can be considered satisfactory in today's world. Traveling through time, the "old gentleman," visiting various civilizations, is particularly drawn to ancient Egypt, amazed by its advancements in the medical-scientific field, ingenuity in the construction of pyramids and tombs (symbols of power and well-being), and captivated by the beauty of Queen Cleopatra.
Continuing on this adventure, we arrive at our present, and a natural comparison with the aforementioned civilization almost inevitably arises. This is where one of the most advanced states comes into play: China, considered by countless scholars as the master of the new millennium.
The great power, represented by a Chinese figure and dragons immersed in their luxurious pagodas, still seeks to evolve and dominate global markets, disregarding the basic needs of humanity.
This prompts the reflection of the Association: Have the discoveries of Egyptian culture been useful for survival? Is excessive evolution beneficial for optimizing human life? They believe that discoveries are always advantageous when used for a better future but become irreparable damage when employed for enrichment and power. So, is the Egyptian era better?
The Association cannot definitively answer the question but hopes to live in their era without the risk of reaching a point of no return!
The Association is available for any clarifications that the Commission deems necessary.