The allegorical floats

Ass. Cult. MSM   (Cat. B)


The work we present to you for the 2024 edition of the Carnival of Acireale is named after the latin phrase „Carpe diem“ which literally translates to „Seize the day“; This expression is used to invite people to appreciate what they have, since the future is unpredictable.
Let’s take a moment to imagine going back and getting to spend time with someone we love but is no longer in this world, the time we had in the past but that we couldn’t appreciate enough because of our chaotic life, all our business, our tiredness, always
taking it for granted yet avoiding it, never enjoying doing someone a favor, or giving them affection. It’s sad, but it’s not easy to give enough care to all the little things in life.
We don’t value everyday things, and since we are sure they will be there for us, we take them for granted. But then it becomes too late and the pain for our loss makes us cry and regret our choices about something that will never come back.
If we think about it for a while, we would realise that we are unable to tell what the most important things in our life are, what we truly need and what we should preserve.
As we can see, on the front of the float, there are two big hands hiding an apparently happy face, which actually hides sadness and regret. On the sides, there are two more faces (a male and a female), which are a symbol of union and courage. These are made of
tiny geckos which, according to New Zealand culture, represent versatility and transformation. Indeed, they are able to survive anything, even the most fearsome calamity.
Two characters from Indian mythology, Brahma and Vishnu are present, the first one representing the creation of the universe and all the evil that’s around us, the latter being a
symbol of the protection of life in the entire cosmos. Its job is to watch over the whole mankind, to protect it from the negative forces that are trying to annihilate it.
Last but not least, there is Shiva, one of the main hinduist deities, often regarded as the destroying power of the whole universe, even if Shiva is not negative at all. Actually, it represents a positive transformation, which regenerates and transforms live, bringing health and happiness to the whole world and all its creatures. Shiva is pure kindness, despite its deceiving appearance.
With that, we want our float to convey a message of hope for all people, who often feel upset because of their life choices or regrets, which can be crucial for their own happiness.
Together, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva form the „trimurti“, an expression of the three main qualities concerning the creation of the universe.
In the end, all the characters depicted will form one single, giant feminine face, symbol of union against all difficulties: Only if we are united, we can avoid feeling sad or regretful in our lifetime. Again, the message is to seize the day, before it’s too late, and to remember that nothing lasts forever.