The allegorical floats

Ass. Cult. Leotta-Raciti   (Cat. B)


The allegorical cart "Last spring of snow" intertwines different symbols to communicate in an efficient way a message related to climate change and the inevitable consequences, loss of some natural beauties we know, among which the snow and the ecosystem. According to some studies, in a few years it will never snow again in all of Europe and the consequences of this change will be many species at risk of immediate extinction. These consequences will bring unthinkable modifications to landscapes and culture.
Global warming is treated in the work not according to a catastrophic cut, but a poetic/nostalgic touch where these feelings lead us to admire with new eyes The Creations to give us the desire to act concretely on those small green actions to build an eco-sustainable world.
The cart starts with a typical collectable like those you buy in December to build a little Christmas town. In the center of this, a snowman looks around and understands it’s all over, maybe one day the only snow will be the one in souvenirs?
A Pierrot, impersonating society, looks nostalgic at nature, knowing of its beauty and wonders, it observes at the palm of its hand a snowdrop, symbol of fragility.
At the center a butterfly, it represents one of the first species destined to disappear, but it doesn't give up, and flies in a continuous dance of hope.
Hoping that nature will find its equilibrium, let’s help it!