The masters of the Acesi papier- mache are grouped in cultural associations to which the Foundation entrusts a shed for the construction of the wagon. Each construction site (both those who build the first category floats and those who build the second ones) thus have their own space at their disposal, where they begin to work several months before the Carnival without respite.

All construction sites are located in the Carnival Citadel , north of the city of Acireale. It is here that papier-mâché floats and flowered floats come to life every year.
It is here that every year the marvelous works of art created by the Acesi masters are reborn, together with ingenuity and art.
Each construction site contains many specific skills to create every part of the wagon, from the sketch drawing, to the movements, to the modeling, to the coloring.


1 Category A – Ardizzone Scenographies

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the death of the "Supreme Poet", this work intends to ac ...
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2 Category A – Cavallaro Principato Cultural Association

With the goliardic carnival satire, the wagon with the ironic title "Gatta ci Covid" aims to represe ...
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3 Category A – Cultural Association Scalia Fichera

The Scalia-Fichera Association in the work it will present in the next edition of Carnival 202I want ...
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4 Category A – Mario Principato Cultural Association

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall." (Confucius) C ...
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5 Category A – Cultural Association Cantiere CAMA

The foundations on which Western society is founded has developed, drawing its origins in Italy. In ...
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6 Category B – Cultural Association MSM

Due to the Covid-19 health emergency, which hit globally, the Ass. Cultural M.S.M. wanted to design ...
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7 Category B – Spinosa Firm and Coco Cultural Association

In recent years, many Italians, with great skills, have been forced to leave our country to pursue ...
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8 Category B – Cultural Association Alberto Amico

Italy is a Democratic Republic founded on work. This is what the Italian Constitution mentions, t ...
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9 Category B – Cultural Association of Art and Culture of Cavallaro Paolo Giuseppe

The "Art and Culture" association of Cavallaro Paolo Giuseppe, with his work entitled "WHAT COLOUR A ...
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