Traditional Guam Marriage Practices

The Chamorro people of Guam have an exceptional history of matrilineal societies and matrimony traditions. Many of these procedures have evolved and are right now different from these found in the usa, but they nonetheless remain extremely important to the Chamorro culture.

Weddings in past times typically included three distinct stages. The first was called the mamaisen saina, which involved a visitation with the family members elders on the couple to become married.

On this meeting, the few relationship with vietnamese woman would validate their intent to get married to and produce plans for the pre-wedding ceremony (fandanggo). The groom’s fandanggo was more traditional than the bride’s and included family and friends for the groom.

After the fandanggo, a komplimentu (appreciation journey) happened to the bride’s house where the groom’s relatives would definitely present gifts and dowry to the new bride. This was done to show thanks and honor the brand new bride and also to motivate her for finding your way through the marriage ceremony the next day.

The komplimentu was obviously a very special occasion and usually contained music and performances. It was also a approach to strengthen the family’s location in the tribe and neighborhood.

Today, the majority of Guam marriages do not carry out these good old traditions. Somewhat, many lovers choose to live with each other before their marriage ceremonies, delay the ceremony right up until they’re all set to be married, and in some cases simply get married to without any religious affiliation. Frequently , these loved ones include their loved ones in the process employing an officiant who echos the couple’s prices.