Due to the Covid-19 health emergency, which hit globally, the Ass. Cultural M.S.M. wanted to design the Opera of the Allegorical-Grotesque Chariot “Distant … but United”, addressing the theme of pandemics.

In the front part of the Allegorical-Grotesque Chariot, we find a Trojan Horse, which symbolizes a virus, which settles in our organism, like a Trojan, (Trojan Horse, computer virus), apparently harmless, (the Trojan, hides its functioning, hitting the operating system of a computer at the right moment, infecting it).
During a pandemic emergency, we try to take all necessary precautions, such as the four side characters, we wear masks, we frequently sanitize our hands and keeping the necessary distances, we live our days, dreaming of apparent normality. However, despite all these safety regulations, a pandemic is not easy to manage.

But hope is always alive… and here Mother Nature enters the scene, like a tree with lifeblood, advances and dominates the central part of the cart. In the face of the latter, it is no coincidence that the leaves recall the Fibonacci Sequence, which we can find everywhere in Nature and, from the point of view of plants, it is the way they grow by organizing themselves in the most efficient way. Precisely through this fantastic rule, the most important in Nature, that it will triumph over everything. Finally, we find a doctor, who invites us to fight, remaining “Distant … but United”.
It is they, the doctors and all the medical personnel who in the front line, as in the trenches, fight this battle and will continue to do so, as true Super Heroes.


Carnival of Acireale 2022


Category B