With the goliardic carnival satire, the wagon with the ironic title “Gatta ci Covid” aims to represent the delicate and current theme of the coronavirus. It shows, in the foreground and in an explosion of colors, a fortune teller who sees the future from a crystal ball to mock the validity of the prediction of the American seer Sylvia Browne who in her book had prophesied the spread of an epidemic by 2020 pneumonia severe enough to force the use of masks and gloves.

In the wagon there are then the bats from which the infection would have spread according to the initial hypothesis that these, due to the precarious hygienic conditions characteristic of the Chinese food markets, have offered the virus the possibility of mutating and making the leap of species. The only established certainty that suggests a virus produced in the laboratory is the upheaval caused by the epidemic on the world’s economic and political assets which risks being very long-lasting, such as to seriously question the globalization process of the last thirty years, which has had one of its epicenters precisely in delegating the function of universal manufacturing to China.

On the wagon we see a gorilla that symbolizes the strength and tenacity of the health workers committed to facing the emergency by fighting on the front line against an invisible enemy and of the police who work to enforce the rules throughout the national territory, armed with gloves and masks to avoid succumbing to the virus. With spectacular joy, the chariot nevertheless portends a positive ending; the imposing winged horse symbolizes the intense desire for rebirth and the desire to move away from the tragic nature of the current situation, fading that aura of negativity that invests our lives today.


Carnival of Acireale 2022

CAT COVID US - Category A

Category A