Weddings in French Guiana have many traditions which have been unique to this region. The first of these is the pre-party known as sangeet, which is a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to gather and celebrate the future union.

Besides that, the few will receive gifts of linens and clothing with respect to their house and matrimony in the form of the trousseau. They are typically hand-chosen and embroidered by the bride’s mom, and they will become kept within a special created wedding armoire.

Other traditions include a champagne pyramide, which is essentially a pastry of tiny cream-filled pastry puffs which have been piled up in the shape of a pyramid and covered in glaze. It is actually believed to symbolize long life together.

Seeing that the ceremony advances, the couple will stand beneath a silk cover or “carrel, ” comprising protection from misfortune. They will also be showered with whole wheat and lauro leaves as a sign of male fertility.

An additional custom may be the gifting of 5 dragees, that are symbolic of health, prosperity, happiness and fertility. This is done as a way to be grateful for the guests for joining the wedding and also to give them somewhat fortune with their new life together.

The buzzing french guiana women of bells is also an important section of the ceremony. It is a tradition that started out in Italy array years ago and has continuing to this day. Throughout the ceremony, the couple will wear all their rings on the fingers, a sign of ethical union under the Head of the family.